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Die Casting

A high quality die casting mold is an extremely important part of both the zinc, magnesium and aluminum die casting process. At Langteng we can design and produce dies according to your exact specifications or samples. The vast experience of our engineers allows them to eliminate any potential problems and provide you with high quality die casting tooling that can be used to create superior and efficient die casting products.

Die Casting Tooling Process
The process of die cast mold manufacturing starts with developing a design. If you only have samples and don’t have a ready design at hand, our highly qualified and experienced staff will help you perform a complete analysis of your products. They will offer you a DFM report as a pre-analytical design and then, according to your further requirements, finalize the die casting mold design.

Our engineers and designers are not only experienced, but also creative. They are used to think outside the box to come up with the most cost efficient ideas for our clients. We will use our vast experience of designing die cast molds to ensure the efficiency and functionality of your specific design. Once the die cast mold design is completed, the manufacturing process can start. At Langteng, we have 5 mold production lines that can produce a maximum of 300 sets of die cast molds per year. We usually customize the mold materials and accessories according to the customers´ needs, and often use materials such as H13, DIEVAR, 8407, 8418, SKD61, DAC, DH-31, 1.2344 etc.

Typical Products