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Investment Casting

Investment casting is a manufacturing process that uses a wax part for each required piece. The refractory slurry hardens into a mold and the shell is filled with molten metal. The shell is removed and the new metal part is left.
Broad Range of Capabilities
Powered by our advanced-technology and high-precision casting equipment as well as extensive industry experience, we manufacture investment castings from a broad variety of metal materials. These materials range from stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, super alloy, carbon steel, to cast iron, with various specifications, sizes and weights. We have fully integrated capabilities including in-house tooling design and manufacturing, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment, and other finishing services.
Advanced Technologies
Our investment casting facilities are equipped with industry-leading production equipment, such as automatic wax injection machines, robotic wax pattern assembly machines, robotic shell making systems, vacuum furnaces and five-axis and four-axis CNC machining centers. 
The annual production capacity of investment castings exceeds 2,000 tons. 
Rapid Product Development
With our vertically integrated manufacturing solutions, the lead time for new product development can be as short as 4 weeks. In particular, with ProJet 3-D rapid prototyping technology, we can directly manufacture high quality and high-precision complex models and produce prototype parts in as little as a week. The product development cycle time can thereby be significantly shortened, and allow our customers to quickly react to the market.
Critical Components Solutions to Diversified Industries
We sell our investment casting products to all our major end markets. Our key investment casting products include engine parts, automotive parts, aerospace parts and medical parts.

Typical Products